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Weaving Worlds

Expanding Knowledge - Cultural Immersions - Unforgettable Experiences

Infuse your school with traditions

from the original peoples

Weaving Worlds is on a mission to provide immersive experiences that build a bridge

between the rich, vibrant culture of various Indigenous tribes and the children of the

Western World. Participants will experience the magic of indigenous culture, with all their

ancient traditions, vibrancy, and wisdom. Each of our programs offers an experience that

is sure to delight and inspire all ages. Together, we can create space for our shared

culture and preserve the traditions of the original people for generations to come.

Weaving Stories Workshop

Your students’ fingertips graze the texture of traditional fibers as they learn to weave intricate patterns; every weave carries a story, lesson, and piece of the Indigenous peoples’ history. Each movement is intentional, building a joyous connection to ancient traditions.

Your students will marvel in awe at the cotton flower, learn to pull the thread, and develop the skills to weave the fibers into a delightful creation. Through the magic of the textile universe, we introduce them to the traditions of each tribe; encompassing the historical, sociocultural, and artistic contexts of the craft.

Singing and Enchanting

Your students’ ears pick up on the unique tones and melodies of the tribe’s songs. They are transported to the heart of their village, engrossed in the essence of their spiritual world. As they listen, they feel the power and wisdom in the melody.

Each performance invites your students to discover and wonder at the intricacies of the Indigenous peoples’ stories and traditions. The musicality of Indigenous traditions is based on various aspects of daily life and is a huge part of how their culture has been kept intact through the generations. Your students will experience their chants and musicality as they explore how these ancient cultures connect to and experience the world through music.

Graphism Workshop

Your students gather in close, leaning in to watch every brush stroke of the Indigenous leader’s brush as they create a series of geometric patterns. Their eyes grow wide, and a hush falls over the group, as the leader shares their tribe’s stories of the sacred connection they have with each symbol.

For the Indigenous people, each sacred symbol in graphism represents a deeper connection to their universe. These symbols are inspired by the patterns of nature and can be applied in a variety of motifs, including body painting. Each workshop will teach your students about the tribe’s

drawing process and the ancient wisdom behind each symbol.


Cycle of Talks

Sitting in a semi-circle, your students are transfixed and completely immersed in the story the Indigenous leader is weaving. And, admittedly, you are too. The Indigenous leader is sharing a perspective of history you’ve never heard before – that of our original people.

Our presenters seek to open a dialogue with your students as they share their academic, scientific, artistic, and traditional indigenous knowledge. Through reflections on decoloniality, Amerindian  perspectivism, plant intelligence, biosphere, creation myths, and anthropology each cycle of talks is meant to educate, inspire, and open our minds to a new way of thinking. The impact of the presentations will stick with you for years to come.

The Tribes

We work with

Huni Kuin

The Huni Kuin people are a people of the Pano linguistic trunk, inhabitants of the tropical forest, from the region at the foot of the Andes, in Peru, to the south of the Amazon, Acre, in Brazil, inhabiting the regions of the Purus and Juruá valleys, near the municipalities of Santa Rosa, Manoel Urbano, Feijó, Tarauacá, and Jordão, in 12 indigenous lands of their own ethnicity and shared with other peoples such as the Madija, Ashaninka, and Shanenawa (Foundation, 2010). The name Huni Kuin, translated as “True People”, is how they identify themselves, also known as Kaxinawás, which is how historically other indigenous peoples refer to this ethnicity.

Support the Future
of the Indigenous

Beyond cultural immersion programs,

Weaving Worlds supports development

projects that directly benefit Indigenous

tribes. Please consider supporting the

below projects.

All funds raised go directly towards

supporting the continued health and

vitality of the Indigenous people.

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a human right

The Huni Kuin Project

Yet, 23 families living in the Novo Segredo village on the Jordão River,

Acre/Brazil, are experiencing a health emergency. They need your support so

they can secure consistent access to clean and safe water for the entire village.

Currently, Huni Kuin women walk long distances to fetch water for their daily

chores. The village's water source is half an hour's walk away, even still, in times

of drought in the Amazon, the flow rate drops considerably and makes clean

water harder to come by. This project will raise one-off funds for the installation of

an artesian well system, including all the water piping, filtering, and solar pumping


Weaving Stories


Singing and





of Talks


Weaving Worlds provides immersive
experiences with the Indigenous so that
children can connect to the powerful wisdom
of Indigenous culture from an early age.





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