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The answers
you seek are
within you.

your inner guidance.


All you have to do is

Download this FREE meditation to connect with your future self and receive the clarity and conviction you’ve been seeking


It is already done...

Your higher self has already experienced the beauty
of your dreams.

As you sit here second-guessing yourself...

Daunted by the changes and challenges you are currently

Overwhelmed by the big elevation calling you forward,
asking you to trust in your ability and your true power...

Your higher self is whispering in your ear.

She is the future version of you that is beyond limitations,
fear, or illusion. She’s already navigated everything you’re
facing right now, all so she could come to life. And, she’s
waiting to tell you all about it.

She’s ready to show you the future you’ve built – together.

Do you have the
courage to meet her?


I'm Renata


I’m a third-generation Medicine Woman, Embodied
Feminine Leadership Coach, Sales Mentor, and Speaker on a mission to revolutionize feminine leadership and help you become the portal to the life of your dreams.

Through my heart-centric, fierce, and multi-faceted
approach I’ve helped thousands of women creatives,
entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and visionaries

move out of the push-and-hustle of “success”
— and into true levels of fulfillment, joy, and alignment

in their careers, relationships, and being.

I cannot wait to help you thrive too!

Take a deep breath.

Let your shoulders rise to your ears as you roll them
back and slowly lower them back down.

Become aware of your body, adjusting so that your
seat bones are connected with your chair and your
feet are firmly planted on the ground.

From this place of connectedness, you will create a
portal to your future self and experience all that
she’s achieved.

In this visualization, we will walk through three
phases together:

The Practice: I will guide you as you create a portal to your future self, spend meaningful time with her, and receive the gift she has prepared for you. You will leave this meditation with the guidance and clarity you’ve been seeking, feeling confident in your path forward.

Introduction: In this step, I will
welcome you to the meditation
and help you prepare to
experience the power of this


Action Steps: Finally, I will close
this visualization practice by
sharing action steps you can use
to truly harness the power of
wisdom you received.

Your future self holds the wisdom
you are seeking.
Are you ready to receive it?

If you're looking to deeply connect with your future self and gain
profound clarity on your path, I highly recommend Renata's
visualization meditation. It’s truly a transformative experience. Each time
I revisit the recordings, I learn something new about myself. Before
discovering Renata’s guidance, I often felt unsure and anxious about the
choices I was making in my business and my direction in life. Since
introducing this practice, Renata's meditation has shifted my mindset to
one of ease and trust in my journey. This practice is a gift to anyone
seeking self-discovery and personal growth.

Brieanah Schwartz, Founder of Pink Barn Creative

Discover what your future self
already knows...

Vizualization lead magnet

You will never lose access to this practice, love. Once you download the tracks, they're yours forever. You can revisit this journey again and again, expanding and
learning more about yourself with each experience.





Renata de Melo 2024 - All rights reserved.

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