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The retreat for brilliant female leaders to embody their essence in nature, through nature, with nature and as nature.

2025 dates will be announced soon.

Revolutionize how you show up
in the world.

UNEARTHED is a 3-month experience that includes a 7-day retreat in the Brazilian wilderness.


4 Weeks

Virtual Preparation

1 Week


Immersion Retreat

8 Weeks


Critical Integration

Allow the forces of nature to help you understand the blueprint of who you really are.


I felt like I was tapped into this feminine energy that I had never connected with my entire life. That was so powerful and so incredible. Even my partner was like, “I have never seen that side of you before”. And that awoke this whole other side to him too. We tapped into this incredible energy. That's is so beautiful and empowering. And I loved it. It was so beautiful.

~Lacey, Founder & Owner of C.M.S Skin Care

You’re already a powerful woman making an impact. But the hustle of how you are doing life is not sustainable. It only leads to burnout and breakdown. Putting others' needs before your own has you worn out, including your business.

At UNEARTHED you’re going to learn how to have it all. The thriving business, the soul-aligned partnership AND a deep connection with your feminine, allowing your true essence to flow through you with pleasure and ease.

This is your invitation to join me and an intimate group of powerhouse women in the heart of the Brazilian wild: together we will unearth our deepest truths and embody our most expressed selves while immersing ourselves in the sacredness of Amazonian spirituality.

UNEARTHED is spearheading the Feminine Leadership Revolution. Our mission is to give women leaders access to the power of their feminine. And we want you to join the movement.

Nana, thank you so much for this experience. I'm so honored that you held this space for us. You pulled a version of me that I had been waiting for and now that she's here, I just want to share her and share my love. And it's all because of you trusting your heart, you teaching us all of your gifts and your lessons, and it's such a beautiful journey to be a part of.


I am forever honored and grateful. I did not know what the word life-changing meant, honestly, till yesterday. And I just, I will never forget this time in my life. Thank you. I love you.


~ Diana, Legal Advisor

Fall into deep, sacred,
unconditional love with all of

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This retreat is for...

the woman who holds so much for others and is now ready to be held.

Perhaps you’re no stranger to accomplishment. Being successful is so familiar to you that you might even be hiding behind it. It’s your security blanket. Your safe space. You might be using it as a shield to block from deep, vulnerable connections with others and with yourself. 


You could keep doing what you’re doing… building the business, growing the family, making the money, and feeding your addiction to the hustle… but you still won’t feel satisfied. 


This is for the woman who is ready to put herself first and take up space.

You have this calling within that there’s MORE for you, that you’re READY for another level of clarity, confidence, of feeling deeply worthy in all areas of your life.


Only when you’re able to find that deep, sacred, satisfaction within yourself and without any external distractions that you’ll embody true joy.


Does this resonate?

You feel emotionally guarded and desire to have deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and others.

You want to feel light and open yourself up to immense, juicy pleasure and sensuality.

You’re operating from a hyper-vigilant state in some of your relationships and in your business.

You want to heal unresolved wounding in your family that is stoping you from feeling fully safe within.

You feel resistance to take space in your life, maybe even an aversion to it.

You want to increase your capacity to receive hidden levels of love, joy and abundance available to you.

You’re committed to being a stand for future generations of women leaders on what it means to be truly empowered.

You're done with temporary.

You’re ready for a cellular remembrance of who you truly are. When you find it, letting go of things that are out of alignment and embodying your integrated truth becomes simple.


At UNEARTHED, you leave with a clear distinction between what you’re available for, and what you’re not available for. Your reality shifts. You start to see things differently, approach your daily life differently, and expand your personal and professional relationships in ways that once seemed impossible.


The results are profound, and you are worthy of it all.

Your answers are waiting in the

Brazilian wild.

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If you feel the pull in your heart to be here, answer it, jump, take the leap. I felt this calling and I also felt such a great resistance towards coming. And as soon as I said yes, so much magic unfolded. And since being here, I just have been thanking myself over and over for saying yes. This retreat is life-changing.

~ Alex, Writer and Coach

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The Outcomes...

What happens when you step into a thriving paradigm that actually serves you? Join us to find out.

During your time at UNEARTHED, you gain access to your deepest truths and embody your most expressed self. Every aspect of your life will activate to elevate and serve your highest good.



Approach your business and manage your wealth through a brand new lens.

Create a rhythm allowing your visionary creative energy to flow.

Find your sense of worth beyond your external accomplishments.

Transcend society’s image of who you are “supposed to be.”

Release the pressure of doing it all on your own.

Access the most powerful sense of clarity to accelerate your new becoming.

Channel your determination through softness and pleasure.

Upgrade your inner operating system from force to ease and flow.



Deeply associate with yourself, a physical body, and your feminine essence.

Prioritize yourself… GUILT FREE.

Fall in love with all parts of you–the good, the extraordinary, the bad, and the really ugly.

Integrate all parts of you… the boss, the nurturer, the fiery seductress. (I know you miss her! And trust me… she misses you too.)

Expand your capacity to receive. 

Find a sense of unshakable safety within.

Safely and powerfully step into your fullest expression.

Find deep meaning and purpose in your womanhood.



Deepen the trust and intimacy in your relationship.

Turn up the heat and immerse yourself in passion.

Learn how to soak in and enjoy every delicious moment leading up to the orgasm.

Connect with your partner on a deep, soul-centered level.

Enjoy more energy and a higher sex drive.

Learn communication techniques that will help you move through challenges with truth, grace and playfulness.

Unleash a new chapter of divine intimacy and connection.


I didn't really understand all the different qualities of the feminine and some of them were being so disrespected and undervalued by me. Everything that it can be, everything that it means, it really showed me the strength in the presence of the void, of the mystery we hold inside. The qualities of the passive, of being the receiver. I know the feminine is not just that, but those were the qualities that I was overseeing. The healing was through beauty here.

~ Maria, Corporate Lawyer and Entrepreneur

Landing in Brazil


From the moment you land in Brazil, we will be there to pick you up from the airport and safely deliver you to the retreat grounds. Fly to Brazil and the rest is on us.

Each day you will be guided through various activities to help you navigate the shedding of layers and connection to your deep feminine essence. You’ll also work with ancient medicine to guide and support you on this journey.


Nothing here is mandatory, but it’s all available to you.

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The Experience


Here’s what you can expect when you join us in Brazil for UNEARTHED.

Medicines + Ceremonies

2 Ayahuasca ceremonies (lead by Huni Kuin leader, Būke Huni Kuin)

Temazcal (sweat lodge, a Lakota tradition)

2 Cacao ceremonies



Tradition + Rituals