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A new era
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Ancestral wisdom meets
embodied leadership to
elevate your life.

I'm Renata

Hey Love!

I’m a third-generation Medicine Woman, Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach, Sales Mentor, and Speaker on a mission to revolutionize feminine leadership and help you become the portal to the life of your dreams.

Through my heart-centric, fierce, and multi-faceted approach I’ve helped thousands of women creatives, entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, and visionaries 
move out of the push-and-hustle of “success” — and into true levels of fulfillment, joy, and alignment

in their careers, relationships, and being.

Client Love

 A True Queen of Transformations

Renata is a true queen of transformations! Her electrifying sessions and unique way of teaching sales made our business program exponentially more powerful—she truly connected with our members, tuned them in, turned them on, and lit that fire within. She’s not your typical sales mentor. Her unique sales curriculum, along with her fierce coaching style and robust sales experience, creates space for your community to do deep, transformative work and leaves them empowered and ready to conquer their sales challenges with confidence. If you’re looking for someone to make a significant impact on your community, I highly recommend Renata. She’s sure to inspire and energize your members too!

Ajit Nawalkha - Partner, Mindvalley

 A Bright Light and Amazing Leader

I hired Renata as a sales coach inside my high-level memberships and I'm so grateful I did. Although I love to teach copywriting and marketing, I found myself in need of someone I could trust to lead sales conversations inside my communities. I was hesitant to hire for this role because I know sales can be a sticky subject – especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs and freelancers. I knew I needed to find someone who was equal parts head and heart, someone who could coach my members with sales strategies that felt empowering and encouraging, not aggressive or forced. Renata has been such a bright light and amazing leader at the Copy Posse. I love how she can hold space for uncomfortable conversations and lead with compassion, while also deliver tough love when needed. Her support has allowed me to stay focused on my genius zone and better serve my members. I am grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for sales support or mentorship.

Alex Cattoni - Founder, Copy Posse


Work with Renata

& interviews

With a captivating presence and a knack for inspiring transformation, Renata will leave your audience empowered, enlightened, and ready to create change. Whether you’re
looking for someone who can speak to impactful sales strategies, revolutionizing feminine leadership, working with ayahuasca, or honoring Indigenous culture, Renata brings a touch of magic to every engagement.


Infuse your next episode or event with
a dose of Renata’s magic!



Renata is the secret weapon for your community's sales success. With 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and a track record of award-winning performance, she brings unparalleled expertise to help your community overcome any sales blocks or blind spots.


Through her timeless sales wisdom and mindset magic, she'll empower your community to unleash their inner sales champion.


Get ready to watch your members shine!

Embodied Feminine


Renata has impacted the lives of thousands of women entrepreneurs, founders, visionaries, creatives, and high-performers with her unique approach to embodied feminine leadership. Through her  transformative guidance, she empowers every woman she works with to redefine success in business, love, and life.


It’s time for you to tap into your true essence and inner strength. Unlock extraordinary success and fullfilment with Renata as your guide!

Work with Renata



Are you ready to revolutionize how you

show up in the world? When you attend

one of my signature retreats, you will have

the support you need to unearth your

deepest truth and embody your most

expressed self.

Weaving Worlds

Weaving Worlds offers immersive cultural

programs that connect students with the

rich traditions and wisdom of Indigenous

tribes. Each program is designed to inspire and educate, fostering a deep

appreciation for Indigenous cultures. By

bringing these programs to schools,

Weaving Worlds aims to preserve and

celebrate the traditions of Indigenous

peoples for future generations.

Let's revolutionize

feminine leadership, together.


Let your future

self guide you.

Download this FREE meditation to connect with your future self and receive the clarity and conviction you’ve been seeking.


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